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Old Purple Clay Mirror Tile Purple Clay Teapot

Old Purple Clay Mirror Tile Purple Clay Teapot

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Mirror tile pot. The mirror tile pot was originally one of Mansheng’s classic pots. Its creative concept is based on Han tiles and bronze mirrors. The body of the pot is straight like a tile cylinder, the mouth is large, and the lid is flat like a bronze mirror. The mouth is curved and flat at the top and round at the bottom, making the outside flat and the inside smooth, and the button is like a miniature pot body. Based on the modeling rules, it seeks unity in the changes. Among the teapots, it has a unique style.

The inscription on the "Jingwa Pot" co-produced by Chen Hongshou and Yang Pengnian is "take water from the mirror, and the tile will be the source of the water, the source of the spring, and the endlessness". ;Using tiles to inherit the water, you can get benefits. If this goes on, the spring will have a source and a steady stream, which is a metaphor for writing and thinking, and the living environment is alive; naturally, its greatness must be blessed and moistened forever. The word, that is, the water that comes from the water, has an endless source and reaches the three rivers and the four seas."

This type of mirror tile pot is made by Li Hanyong. Mr. Li Hanyong has studied the shape of ancient pots, so the sand pots he created all carry the charm of ancient pot shapes. This "Mirror tile pot made by Li Hanyong" is the author's bold transformation on the basis of the traditional "Mirror tile pot". While retaining the old flavor of the pot, it also incorporates the needs of modern aesthetics for shape and lines.

The mirror tile pot recommended in this issue was written by Peng Yulan, a national-level craftsman, and the engraving is by teacher Yuchuan.
Mr. Yuchuan's engraving is characterized by fine brushwork, rich details, and Song and Yuan style of traditional Chinese painting. He has studied the brushwork of the Song Dynasty in particular.
With a capacity of 190cc, it is made of classic high-quality specimen-grade old purple clay, which is very suitable for tea and is very suitable for home use and collection.
All handcrafted, three styles to choose from, the glossy version and the engraved version, all of which are excellent products.
Artistic and well made.
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