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Fully handmade purple clay teapot

Fully handmade purple clay teapot

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Fully hand-made custom purple clay teapots are specially made for customers with full-hand needs. The styles are limited to traditional styles such as Xishi, stone scoops, antiques, and de bells, and can be engraved on the body of the pot as required.

1. What is customization?

Customization is to customize a purple clay pot according to the customer's requirements, including mud, capacity, style, carving and so on.

2. What are the advantages of customization?

1. Because the customized purple clay teapot is made separately according to the needs of customers, it can be guaranteed to be fully handmade.

2. Because it is a custom-made purple clay teapot, it is guaranteed that this teapot is unique.

3. Customized purple clay pots can be customized with special engravings, which have a certain commemorative significance or other special significance.

3. Is the price of customized purple clay pots very high?

1. The price of $350 is the most basic customization. The material is purple mud, and the styles are conventional Xi Shi, stone scoop, antique, De Zhong, Hehuan, Jinglan, Hanbian, Sangbian, etc. The capacity is between 100-300cc . A small amount of characters can be added.

2. For the more difficult pots such as muscle pot and square pot, the price will be different, you need to contact us to negotiate the price.

3. If you require special mud or high-end mud, you also need to communicate with us in advance, and the price is different.

4. Why do ordinary pots in the store only cost $100, while custom ones start at $350?

Because the custom-made purple clay pots are all hand-made, and the master makes them specially for this pot, it needs to be put into the kiln separately, and the cost is different.

5. How long will it take for the customized purple clay pot to be delivered?

The delivery cycle for ordinary custom-made purple clay teapots is one month.

Customized purple clay teapots with special requirements have different cycles.

6. Who is the master?

Our custom-made master cooperates with Mr. Zhou Chunyan, who has rich experience in making pots.

7. How to contact us?

The following is my contact information, recommend WeChat or email to contact.

WeChat: wuukui or eshipotian

line: wuukui


Tel: +1 (508) 571-8844 [SMS can be received]

8. What if I don't have PayPal and can't pay online?

For customers who do not have a PayPal account or do not want to apply for a PayPal account, we accept offline payment methods.

International wire transfer method:

Account: Guangzhou Shipotian E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

account number: 342840044


Bank Code: 006

Branch code: 391


Bank address: Champion Tower THREE Garden ROAD CENTRAL, HONG KONG

Bank location: HK

Accepted: USD, HKD, EUR, GBP, SGD

Customers in the United States can choose to send money locally in the United States:

account name: Guangzhou Shipotian E-Commerce Co., Ltd.

account number: 20000011265342

ACH Routing Number: 028000024

Wire Routing Number: 021000021



Bank address: 4 NEW YORK PLAZA FLOOR 15, New York, United States

Accepted currency: USD

Extended reading: Teacher Zhou Chunyan's information

Zhou Chunyan is an authentic Zisha villager. Speaking of this Zisha village, it is a village like a holy place in the world of Zisha pots. Zisha Village is not big, but this village has master-level characters such as Hui Mengchen, Chen Mingyuan, Shao Daheng, Cheng Shouzhen, Wang Yinchun, and Gu Jingzhou. The people of Zisha Village have made a huge contribution to the Zisha world. Since there are many famous masters and many masters, there are naturally many people who follow the arts, and almost every family makes Zisha.

Ordinary senior engineers are also very unconfident when they arrive in Zisha Village, just like a little donkey entering the city, it looks very shabby. Zhou Chunyan is such a person.

Zhou Chunyan is a native Zisha villager. She has been exposed to Zisha since she was a child. Almost all family members are related to Zisha. Most of the elders and elders are master-level Zisha masters. Because of this, we can master many skills and creativity that can only be mastered by senior engineers at a very young age. Looking at her purple clay teapot, the craftsmanship is no worse than that of high-level workers, which is because of the early opening of Mengmeng. And there are many masters around him who are naturally different.

Zhou Chunyan is a woman, but Zhou Chunyan's works reveal a majestic atmosphere, which is rare. If there is no guidance from famous teachers since childhood, this kind of aesthetics cannot be cultivated. On the other hand, other authors, at the level of artists, are still stumbled. Whether a craftsman has a future depends on whether he has this aura. Ms. Zhou Chunyan has aura. As a young person and a woman, it is really admirable that she can combine traditional aesthetics and traditional culture so well.

Zhou Chunyan is a quiet woman. She is very serious in making pots. She sits for a day and is very serious and attentive. In today's noisy society, there are not many people who can do things quietly. She is such a person, so she deserves to be respected.

Today, when the whole social environment is so impetuous, when the whole market is so concerned about money, and when the craftsman is only looking for grandstanding, Ms. Zhou Chunyan can sit down quietly. What kind of cultivation is this, and she has always adhered to the tradition The unique craftsmanship and way of making pots is a kind of adherence to the respect for the Zisha art itself.

Society is cruel, and the proliferation of handmade pots on the Internet has directly caused the price of purple clay pots to plummet. Many masters of purple clay pots no longer make pots seriously, but recruit a large number of apprentices. The so-called apprentices are nothing more than multiple workers. This is a very bad phenomenon in the current Zisha pot market. Zisha craftsmen are no longer craftsmen, but become businessmen. This harsh environment is a very big blow to those who are serious about making pots. Those who do things well have become the outcasts of the market, and doing things on behalf of workers has become the mainstream of the market. This is a kind of helplessness, this is a kind of sad reminder, this is a kind of blasphemy to Zisha.

However, even in the face of such great pressure, Ms. Zhou Chunyan still made pots quietly.

There are thousands of people who make pots in Yixing, but not many people put their minds on the pots. I respect everyone who makes pots seriously.

Zhou Chunyan's creative ability is very strong. Her Bodhidharma offering spring pot, lotus pond moonlight pot, one pot and one cup, cow cover stone scoop, antique decals, Heart Sutra giant wheel beads, ancient stone scoop, and Wulong Supreme series are all rare. 's boutique.

Zhou Chunyan is still very young, and has a long way to go, and the development prospect is very good. With the accumulation of time, he will definitely be able to blaze a trail of his own characteristics of purple clay pot making.

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