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High-quality downhill mud man raw stone scoop purple clay pot

High-quality downhill mud man raw stone scoop purple clay pot

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Mud: downhill mud
Capacity: about 230cc
Author: Zhou Chunyan
Main selling point:
1. There are not many good downhill muds. The downhill mud used in this pot is the high-end material in the downhill mud, and it has its own oiliness. Generally speaking, downhill mud has good air permeability, but it is difficult to maintain. This material is difficult to take into account the air permeability and soaking. It has its own oiliness, and it is very beautiful when you see the tea.
2. This pot shape is re-engraved according to the Mansheng stone scoop in the museum collection, thus ensuring that there will be no problems in the structure and proportion of the pot shape, and there will be no aesthetic problems. Although many masters often release new products, it is always difficult to withstand the test of aesthetics. Mansheng pots are different. After hundreds of years of aesthetic testing, they are still widely accepted and admired, so the shape of the pot is easy to accept.
3. From the perspective of cost performance, the market price of this grade of clay pots is generally above 3000, and only the national workers and masters are willing to use the materials. Can you be lucky to buy a high-end clay pot at a cheap price?
Expand your knowledge:
Chen Hongshou (1768-1822), born in Qiantang (now Hangzhou, Zhejiang), was a calligrapher, painter and seal carver. The word Zigong is named Mansheng, Mangong, Mangong, Gongshou, Yixu, Zhongyu Xianli, Zhongyu Xianke, Jiagu Pavilion Chief, Laoman, etc. He served as the acting magistrate of Ganyu, the magistrate of Liyang, and the same magistrate of Jiangnan Haiphong. His craftsmanship, poetry, calligraphy and painting, he is good at making Yixing Zisha teapots, which are called "Mansheng teapots". Calligraphy is better than line, cursive, seal and clerical styles. The running script is steep and elegant, and the books are opened vertically and horizontally, which is unique in the Qing Dynasty. The seal engraver is a master of the Qin and Han seals, involving Ding Jing, Huang Yi and others. The seal strokes are square and folded, the knife is bold, natural and casual, the sharp edges are exposed, the ancient clumsy is unrestrained, and the vastness is thick. It is one of the "Eight Houses of Xiling".
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