cash on delivery

1. What is cash on delivery?
Cash on delivery means that we ship the goods first, and pay after you receive the goods. Especially in Taiwan, many customers have the demand of cash on delivery, they can go to the convenience store to collect and pay for the goods, or directly hand over the money to the logistics company. This advantage can solve the problem that some people do not know how to shop online.
2. What products support cash on delivery?
Currently, only for products under $200. After all, for cash on delivery, we have the risk of being rejected, the risk of loss of goods, and the risk of placing an order maliciously. If you are an old customer and have certain transaction credit, you can relax the conditions appropriately. You need to contact us to confirm whether it is supported.
3. How to place an order?
You can place an order directly on the website, and select the COD payment method at the checkout.
Please keep the phone open, we may send an email or call to confirm the validity of the order, rather than the customer randomly placing an order to test the function.
4. What about large orders?
For orders over $200, please contact us.
There is a form to contact us on any page of the website, and we will communicate with you in detail after we receive your appeal.
5. How to contact me
You can directly fill in the contact form on the website, or you can directly add my personal WeChat or line, the account number is: wuukui
6. Is it only for Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia?
Yes, for Europe, America, Australia, Africa and other regions, we are currently unable to do cash on delivery.
For other parts of Southeast Asia, please contact us, and we will consult with the logistics party whether cash on delivery can be provided.
7. There are four options for cash on delivery in Taiwan: Hsinchu, Black Cat, 7-11, and Family Mart.

Some products that support cash on delivery

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