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Why did I choose Shipotian Zisha? In fact, the reason is very simple. Although the water is deep, Zisha believes that "only the truth cannot be broken", and Shi Potian Zisha gave me such confidence and certainty.

In the past, we didn’t drink tea very often in our hometown. We had the interest to drink tea by accident. We always invited friends to visit teahouses by the mountains and waters during holidays. It is an occasional good adjustment in life, but tea is rarely drunk on weekdays.

In 2012, my husband and I went to work overseas from Taiwan. The adjustments and challenges of living in a foreign country and the continuous waves of work pressure made our body, mind and spirit exhausted. Therefore, we started the habit of drinking tea every day in 2016.

In my memory, in the culture of my hometown, the elders of the older generation used large glass cups. I often saw them make a cup of tea, and there were more tea leaves in the cup than tea soup; Pottery pots seem to be much more elegant; there are even seniors who specialize in tea ceremony, they like to use exquisite purple sand pots. For them, drinking tea is not only a sip of tea soup, but also a pursuit of cultural taste.

I thought to myself that for us ordinary people, a clay pot should be enough for drinking tea, right? But I never thought that where we are, a clay pot is not easy to get. One day when I was visiting a Chinese shopping mall, I suddenly found a domestic boss selling tea-related products. I was overjoyed and bought a Dahongpao Xishi Zisha teapot. I felt the shape of the teapot was beautiful and I was very satisfied. I cooked it at home and started to cook. Happy to use it. This is the beginning of our encounter with Zisha teapot. We have been using it for two years. Because we don’t know the difference between authenticity and falsehood, and we don’t understand the difference between good and bad. Therefore, we don’t think there is anything special about Zisha teapot, and it doesn’t seem to add to the taste of tea. , Occasionally, when cleaning, I can still smell the special smell in the pot. I am a little puzzled why it is so respected and loved, not just one of the carriers of tea soup!

In 2018, by chance, I watched a video of Mr. Wu in the purple sand forum on Youtube. It happened to be about the analysis and identification of chemical pots and real purple sand. After listening carefully, I immediately checked and used it for two years. I was shocked to realize that the purple sand teapot I cherished and used was probably the chemical teapot mentioned in the video. This shock is no small matter, not only losing confidence in the purple clay pot, but also worrying about the profound impact on health! Therefore, I decided not to use Zisha teapots to make tea without further prudent understanding of Zisha.

With the mentality of seeking knowledge, I started to learn the knowledge of purple sand step by step, from the video explanations of each episode of Mr. Wu. Since then, I have called him Mr. Wu. First of all, he shared the inhumane knowledge of Zisha frankly and selflessly. Secondly, I saw from the video that he is not only a micro-businessman, but also a person who is willing to shoulder the mission of inheriting Zisha culture. People, this is worthy of admiration and appreciation, so it can be called a teacher. I agree with his professional knowledge of purple sand, his in-depth analysis of art and business chaos, and also agree with him on how low prices and fake purple sand can harm the purple sand market, authors, and influence the inheritance of purple sand culture.

In this way, I made a leap of confidence, and I picked out a favorite pot in Mr. Wu's WeChat store, and the price was not cheap. It just so happened that Mr. Wu posted a post on the Weibo store, saying that if he bought a pot that exceeded a certain amount that day, he would give away a Xi Shi pot with a slight flaw in the handle. I happened to be the lucky one. When the two jugs were brought into my hand, I felt unspeakable excitement and nervousness in my heart. Fortunately, they all met my expectations. I use two new pots alternately. Different pot shapes bring out different aesthetics and appreciation angles. After cleaning and using them again, I can still smell the faint tea fragrance left in the pot, but I really don’t see any obvious difference. The flawed Xi Shi pot happened to make up for the regret of the previous chemical Xi Shi pot, so amazing and grateful! It turns out that being able to use a real good pot can make people feel satisfied, so I began to understand the state of mind of the older generation who loves purple sand, and has been pursuing the best one all their lives.

From then on, I stopped thinking about him and only bought purple clay teapots from Shi Potian. I bought a purple clay teapot from Mr. Wu, but the process was actually very difficult, and I was not as happy as my friends in China. Every time you buy, you need to find a domestic friend who is willing to pay for the pot in advance, and then entrust our friends here to send money to domestic friends. What is more troublesome is the delivery problem. Sometimes you ask domestic friends to bring it out, and sometimes send it to Taiwan. , When we return to our hometown, we will bring it to the local area. Although it is so difficult, I still cherish every opportunity to buy purple clay, and every time I receive a surprise from a purple clay pot that travels across the ocean. I went back to my hometown for a year last year, and lived overseas again this year. Because of the limited luggage, I couldn’t bring a pot with us, so I was anxious to buy a pot from Mr. Wu. However, due to the epidemic situation, the two places were cut off, so I suggested Mr. Wu to try the international express delivery. The pot was received safely and I liked it very much, but the shipping cost was extremely high. I guess this transaction must have benefited Mr. Wu I apologized to him for the loss, but he just said lightly, "It's okay, I will try my best to use SF Express in the future." Who doesn't do business for making money? However, he has always been a bold, powerful and trustworthy business literati, which is deeply worthy of my trust.

I was originally a person who knew nothing about the world of Zisha. Accumulating knowledge from Mr. Wu's explanations, sharing and my own experience in using it is a process of several years, and it is also a process of establishing mutual trust. For the first-timers and novices of Zisha, I sincerely suggest that everyone spend some time learning about Zisha, and choosing a reputable business is also crucial as the beginning of entering this field, because the smartest way to learn is to stand Learn on the shoulders of giants (experts).

I often hear from domestic friends that young people born in the 1980s and 1990s are fashionable to collect some trendy toys, such as first companions (dolls), blind boxes, etc. There is a saying in them: "A trendy play is a wall, and a Beijing one Suite", people with such financial strength must be able to use and appreciate purple sand. Therefore, I sincerely hope that the long and beautiful Chinese culture of Zisha can be passed down from generation to generation. Not only the old and middle generations can appreciate it, but also the young people of this generation can see its magnificence and treasure. Not only use and collect a wall, It can be carried forward and passed down from generation to generation.


September 2020 in the Middle East

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