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When mentioning the king of Nanyue, many people think of Zhao Tuo, the king of Nanyue who proclaimed himself emperor in Guangzhou more than 2,000 years ago. In fact, the Nanyue king I mentioned has nothing to do with the emperor Zhao Tuo. Getting to know the Nanyue king made my encounter with the Zishahu possible.

It was a very accidental thing to meet Zisha teapot for the first time. Around the summer of 2007. I traveled from Xi'an to Sanmenxia, ​​Henan to visit a friend I hadn't seen for many years. Because a friend is in business, he bought a batch of purple clay teapots for gift giving. I remember when I was drinking tea in my friend’s office, my friend asked me if I drank tea. If I wanted a purple sand pot, I could choose any one by myself. My friend asked me to choose it myself, and I was naturally very happy. When I opened the box, a pair of purple clay teapots came into my eyes, the color of which was like red bricks. The pot button is a little lion facing up to the sky. It is very cute. The name of the pot is Wake Lion. I like the color and the name. I chose this purple clay pot, which is the first purple clay pot I own for the first time in my life.

Since then, the name Zisha Hu has been deeply buried in my heart. Every time I go to a tea city or a place where there are purple clay teapots in the showcase, I always have to stop and watch, even if I just take a look, I always feel that they are beautiful and make people feel happy. Now, look at the purple clay pot that my friend gave me. Although the clay is very ordinary, it is also a low-value gift pot, but its importance lies in the fact that it brought me into the door of the purple clay pot.

As my obsession with purple clay teapots continued to grow, I slowly started to try to inquire about the price of purple clay teapots in the purple clay teapot shop in the tea city. Since the prices of the merchants were different, I knew nothing about purple clay teapots. For those who know it, it is too difficult to choose a purple clay pot rashly. I know that the cheap purple clay pot is not good, and the purple clay pot I like is too expensive to bear. That kind of tangled mood has troubled me for a long time.

Later, I finally plucked up the courage and started to choose purple sand ranging from a few hundred yuan to two thousand yuan. In the first three years, I entered different stores and visited different cities. I remember that one year, I went to Shanghai on a business trip and took a day to go to Yixing to satisfy my curiosity about purple clay teapots. For me, who likes purple clay teapots, Yixing is a place that fascinates me. With a heart of pilgrimage, I went to the former site of Zisha No. 1 Factory to see what happened. It took most of the day to visit some merchants and buy a few pots.

I thought that when I arrived in Yixing, I could buy a satisfactory and genuine purple clay teapot. Later, I found that no matter in which store, which channel, different cities, or even Yixing, the birthplace of Zisha. The final result is to be fooled by all kinds. The purchased pot is either made of mud or fake, or the price of the purchase is inflated. Especially this trip to Yixing made me feel frustrated and disappointed. I believe that many people who like purple clay teapots but do not have the basic knowledge of purple clay teapots have similar experiences and feelings as me.

The experience of buying purple clay teapots several times has blown my confidence, and also made me realize that the purple clay teapot market is full of good and bad purple clay teapots, and there are also many unprofessional practitioners. Without certain knowledge and experience, if you buy a purple clay teapot rashly, you will definitely be deceived. During that time, I was a little disappointed and helpless. The complex for Zisha teapot is a love-hate relationship. The pace of buying purple clay teapots has also been suspended for a long time.

After a long period of calm down, I slowly searched for various resources on the Internet and searched for various information about purple sand knowledge. By chance, I clicked a link on Youtube outside the country, titled Nanyue King Talking about Zisha. Seeing the three words Nanyue King, returning to the Nanyue King I mentioned at the beginning, it is the legend of Nanyue King Zhao Tuo and his tomb was accidentally excavated, which unraveled a dusty history.

I am more interested in this history. I was immediately curious about this net name Nanyue Wang, and it was talking about purple clay pots again, out of my desire for knowledge about purple clay pots. So, click on the video and try to see if there are any new discoveries. I was a bit disappointed when I first watched it. The main reason is his unkempt style, sometimes he speaks a bit long-winded, sometimes repeats a sentence, and the effect of the video is mediocre. It may be that the equipment is poor, and the lighting and effects are generally not very ideal. I still listened to a few episodes patiently, followed by his comprehensive explanation of purple sand knowledge.

I found that the content of what the Nanyue King said was very informative, and the form was simple and unpretentious, without those pretentiousness and cover-ups. Moreover, it breaks the price cycle in the purple sand market and exposes various routines in the purple sand industry. These contents just hit my pain points for Zisha teapots. Gradually, I liked watching it more and more, and almost finished reading all the content he said. For individual topics of interest, I have read it several times. Gradually let me accept the imperfections in his videos, and focus on understanding the knowledge of Zisha teapots. After a period of time, I finally solved all the knots I had about purple sand in those years. Let me regain the courage to know and buy purple clay teapots.

With the gradual understanding of the knowledge of Zisha in his video, I tried to buy a pot from him. In the initial communication, I found that he was careless and lukewarm, which made me feel that he didn't care. Thinking about it now, this is actually the most real state. Now, I can still clearly remember that I bought the first pot on the Shipotian online store. A handful of Zhuni Heart Sutras that I have repeatedly picked out are antique. I was in the United States at the time, and I had a lot of doubts about whether there was a gap between what I saw on the Internet and the actual situation, how to return the product if I was not satisfied, how to send it from Guangzhou, how to deal with it if it was damaged, and so on. However, when I closed the pot, all doubts were dispelled. I have an almost critical attitude towards this pot, and I find a little bit of dissatisfaction with it. When I asked him, he simply replied to me: "Handmade pots are like that, if you are not satisfied, send them back." I felt at the time that he was quite confident and confident about this pot. So, I convinced myself to keep this pot. As it turns out, this jug has always been my favorite. From then on, I started my journey of purchasing purple clay teapots on Shi Potian's website.

With the continuous in-depth communication with the Nanyue King, I found that although his language expression is very simple, he can write good characters, fill in lyrics, and compose poems. After reading the articles he published in other newspapers and county annals, I realized that he is still a man of culture with a strong cultural atmosphere. On the contrary, it lacks the breath of a businessman. I sometimes tease him, you should be a scholar, not a businessman. It is the temperament of this literati and his literary accomplishment. Compared with ordinary businessmen, the understanding and grasp of Zisha teapot has more cultural atmosphere and heritage. Coupled with his straightforward personality and honest business attitude, I have become a loyal fan and customer of Nanyue Wang over the years.

Since 2015, on Shi Potian's online store, I have been constantly picking pots I like. Over the past few years, I have bought dozens of pots intermittently. Every pot, whether it is mud, workmanship, or price, are very satisfied.

This year, due to the impact of the epidemic, many merchants have adopted the method of live broadcasting on the Internet. The online shop of Shi Potian Zisha pot also has new methods of auction and live broadcast. Recently, through auctions and live broadcasts, I have bought a lot of pots and mud; the workmanship is still so good, and the price is very affordable. I don't know whether it was affected by the epidemic that caused the price of the purple clay pot industry to drop, or whether it was the live auction that made the price of the purple clay pot more rational. In short, as long as it is the purple sand pot on the Nanyue Wang Shi Potian online store, it has not disappointed me.

The fate between me and the purple clay teapot is not clear or clear. There is no clear purpose for buying pots, and there is no favorite pot type, and I never pay attention to the reputation of the master. As long as it is the pot recommended by the King of Nanyue, I basically have it in my pocket. It's a completely random purchase, but every time I buy a pot, I like it very much and have never regretted it. It seems that I am deeply poisoned.

By meeting the king of Nanyue online, he forged a bond with the purple clay pot. I realized that in the absence of standard standards for the Zisha teapot industry, if ordinary consumers want to buy genuine Zisha teapots, they should find honest, reliable, culturally rich and professional ones, such as Shi Potian Zisha teapots. Such a business is a wise choice. Avoiding detours and paying tuition fees in the process of groping. At the same time, you can also enjoy the fun of buying and using pots. For friends who love purple clay teapots, you can buy a satisfactory purple clay teapot, which can improve your appreciation and taste of purple clay teapots while making tea. Experience the joy that Zisha teapot brings to the heart, this is the real fun of Zisha teapot.

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